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How To Stick out of the mass?

"Most armored vehicles look the same."

So how can we stick out, make things better than our competitors, what is different on an TAG Germany build vehicle?

It is Detail for Detail.

"Most people won't ever recognize these details."

All manufacturers of armored vehicles use similar principles to install armored steel or composites as well as laminated glass. So why is there such a difference in price, quality and as result - protection?

The Differences:

Extra overlaps full 360°, no cutting to fit the old door boards -- additional steel overlaps covering bolts and welding seems -- fast and reliable power window actuators that won't rattle, make noises or fail -- door constructions that make sagging nearly impossible -- plenty of armored service hatches that keep the maintainability of the OEM vehicle -- certified vehicles and sub-components such as rims, tires, chassis and brake components -- no off-the shelf suspension solutions -- decent rust prevention of armored cell and OEM chassis -- we don't armor every vehicle type, only approved and rigid base vehicles -- employees with an average of 20 years in the armored vehicle industry -- high percentage of handcrafting for high flexibility.

No secrects - Come and see our production

"A picture and personal experience is worth a thousand words."

No marketing bla bla, every TAG Germany GmbH customer is welcome to visit and see our production live. Build your own opinion, ask us every question you like and feel our vehicles with your own senses.

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